Fallen Earth Character Planner

Project type: Installable application with a companion web application.

To keep this utility free and the cost of hosting down this project's resources are hosted on sourceforge. Please check out the resource links below...


The Fallen Earth Character Planner is a utility designed to help a player plan out what kind of skills and abilites thier character will have at a specific level. Respec injectors can be costly especially at higher levels so its important to know what you want your character to be capable of when you have reached your max AP. The Fallen Earth Character Planner is at its's core a specialized calculator but provides more information than just what is left in your AP pool for spending.


When you open the program the first thing you will likely notice are the primary indicators, these are ...

  • Player level - adjusted by the trackbar
  • AP Points - Calculated automatically
  • Bonus AP - adjusted by the scroll bar and limited by the player level
  • Total AP - the sum of Earned and Bonus AP and is calculated automatically

Adjusting the player level and the Bonus AP is a good place to start because this will decided the total AP you have to spend. To the right of the Bonus AP scroll bar are a few more indicators...

  • Spendable AP - This is the AP you have left to spend on stats skills or mutations.
  • AP spent - The total amount of AP you have already spent.
  • Health - Your base level health
  • Stamina - Your base level stamina
  • Gamma - Your base level gamma

On the lower left is the stat modifiers, use the scroll bars to set the level of each stat.

On the lower right is the skill modifiers, use the scroll bars to set the level of each skill, to the very right are visual indicators of what stats the skill uses to derive its max value, consult with this to see what stats you need to raise in order to raise a skill higher.


Mutations are raised in the same way skills are raised but you may notice that all mutations have Willpower as a minor derived modifier. Also, Alpha mutations are always maxed out for your level and do not require AP to raise.


At any point you can double click on a stat, skill or mutation to view more detailed information like what abilties you are provided and at what level they become available.


The balance/Extra tab has some additional information like the maximum tradeskill level that can be attained and the maximum carry weight. Below this is a section reffered to as the character balance and will show you (out of the points you have invested) where your strengths and weaknesses are. The left column shows the total points invested and the right column show the percentage of points invested in relation to the total points spent so far.


The Import/Export codes tab is the tab you will be visiting often if you are sharing builds with other players. The import code section will allow a player to take any compliant URL or build code from the FECP and load that build into the Fallen Earth Character Planner. Since the code import process is based on a popular web based character planner that has been replicated numerous times, it is possible that the player can take a URL from an unrelated planner's site and import that build code into the Fallen Earth Character Planner without an manipulation. Exporting codes works as you would expect, when you hit the generate code button a URL with a build code appended to it is generated and can be pasted as a link anywhere, such as a forum or chat display, so that others can copy and paste it into thier planner or click on the link. Currently, if a player clicks the link they will be taken to the homepage to learn how to download, install and use the Fallen Earth Character Planner but there is more in developement regarding this feature so check in often to see what is coming!


The menu bar contains a few important commands, the most import of which are the "Load" and "Save As" feature under "File". These options are pretty strait forward, if you want to save the build you are working on or have completed to a file, just click on "File" then "Save As" and choose what you want to name is and where you want to save it, the default location for saving builds is within the folder that the program creates upon install. To load a build just click on "Load" and navigate to the file you want to open. The builds are saved in an XML file and can be firectly edited if you know what you are doing, the elements are also labeled logicly so the tech savvy can use these for thier own applications with greater ease. A full list of option under the "File" menu option is below...

  • Load
  • Save As
  • Exit

Durring the course of developement a few testing commands were created that proved useful in creating builds so they were enabled for the user. Two buttons under the "Options" menu allow you to reset the planner to it's default values or max out all of the stats, skills and mutations. Every once in a while these 2 commands save the user alot of time getting started on making a new build.

  • Clear Current Build
  • Max All Stats

Last but not least there is a Product information menu option. This will open up another window that can provide a quick summary of what version you are running and some other important information and links. If you get stuck or have some questions, its likely the answer lies somewhere linked to the Product Info section.

The Fallen Earth Character Planner started out as a one man gig but thanks to interest and support there is a great team of people voluneering their time to help out. A special thanks to the "in-house" testers and the Fallen Earth community members who take the time to provide helpful feedback.

  • Senior Designer, Senior Developer, Q/A Lead - Tactical Ex
  • Designer, Developer, Tester - Thigh
  • Tester - Fistola
  • Tester - Diego
  • Testers - Helpful volunteers from the F.E. community

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